Announcing the fall 2020 theme!

Time travel is in the books - transport students to another time and place with the fall theme. 

Book Fair Time Machine: Reading Can Take You Anywhere!

Any time is a great time to read, especially when the books students choose today will help make them future readers of tomorrow. The best place to provide access to those books is through your fall Scholastic Book Fair Time Machine, where Reading Can Take You Anywhere!

Your Scholastic Book Fair is a veritable time machine where time travel is in the books! Build the anticipation with an imaginary homemade time machine entrance to your Book Fair – or make it the center of it. Transport shoppers to another time and place where they step out and into your Book Fair decorated with memorabilia from one time period or a bunch. From a vintage general store or a ’50s gymnasium sock hop to a space-age Book Fair of the future, there’s no telling where – or when – they’ll end up.

Highlight different times each day of the week for theme dress-up days, showcasing fashion from different eras and books that were popular… or will be! Plan a past and future photo contest at your Book Fair Preview, and don’t forget to make a sign-of-the-times sign, letting shoppers know when your Book Fair will be open for business.

There’s no turning back, unless students want to turn back the pages to re-read their new favorite book! Contact your Scholastic Book Fairs® representative today to make sure your school has the Book Fair Time Machine booked for their future.